Why do you call Patient Care Plus a Walk-in Clinic?
You can walk in without appointment, for a range of medical concerns to minor emergencies. We also treat patients for a variety of chronic illnesses. Many of the people that would typically be see in an emergency department could be seen quicker and much less expensively at Patient Care Plus. Some patients also come because they cannot be seen immediately by their family physician. If they have an established relationship with a physician, we refer them to continue to see their regular doctor for chronic care.

What advantages can you find visiting Patient Care Plus?
Our professional medical team helps you get back to normal without the trouble of a long wait, the inconvenience of a pre-planned appointment, or the expense of an emergency room.

What hours is Patient Care Plus open?
We open daily 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

If I am having a major medical emergency or complication, should I come to Patient Care Plus?
No, it is better to go to the emergency room in case of any life-threatening emergency.

What tests do you collect at Patient Care Plus?
Some tests we do onsite for immediate results. These include urinalysis, urine pregnancy tests, strep screen, 5-panel urine drug screening, mononucleosis test, diabetes tests (HbA1c), flu test, Gastritis test (H-Pylori), pulmonary function test, hearing test, breath alcohol test, and electrocardiogram.

Some tests we send to another lab to receive results within about 2-3 days: complete blood count, comprehensive blood screening including a 14-chemistry test, thyroid test, complete cholesterol panel, prostate cancer test (PSA), HIV test, wide variety of STD tests, and pap test with reading, and hundreds of other blood tests.

We aim to provide good medical care affordably. In order to do that, we network with a large variety of medical services to get the best services. Ask us if you need a specific medical test done.

What kind of physicals do you do?
We frequently do pre-employment, sports, school, DOT, and pre-operative physicals. No appointment is necessary. We have many necessary physical forms onsite. If you need our fax, it is 540-886-7364.

If I’m injured at work, should I come to Patient Care Plus?
We have agreements with various employers who direct their employees to receive treatment from us for injuries/illnesses which happen on the job.

Can children be treated at Patient Care Plus?
Yes, children of all ages are treated at Patient Care Plus.

Where is Patient Care Plus located?
42 Lambert St, Suite 111, Staunton, VA 24401

What form of payment do you accept?
You can pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Cash, Money Order or Cashier’s check (make payable to “Patient Care Plus”) If payment is through workers comp, then we arrange for payment with your employer.

What insurances do you accept?
Most insurances are accepted, though the list of accepted insurances changes from time to time.