Watch out for poison ivy

Poison ivy has 3 leaves. All parts of the plant cause itching dermatitis. It grows from the ground and wraps around trees. Once the oil is washed off, it is no longer contagious. There are many ways to get poison ivy besides touching it directly. Touching a pet who has brushed up against it, burning brush with poison ivy in it, and touching clothes which have touched it are common ways.
If you can wash it the oil from the plant off within 15 minutes, it will usually prevent it.
Topical cortisone, benadryl, and calamine lotion help for mild cases, but for severe cases, injectable or oral cortisone works much better. These require a visit to your doctor.

La hiedra venenosa tiene tres hojas. Todas las partes de la planta de provocar dermatitis. Crece desde el suelo y se envuelve alrededor de los árboles. Una vez que el aceite se lava, ya no es contagiosa.

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