What to Expect during Visit

Without appointment, you can simply walk in to our Manassas clinic to be seen by our physician or one of our medical providers. Sign in at the front desk, and wait your turn for excellent care. If you are a first time patient, you will fill out the patient registration form and release form. This usually takes people 5-10 minutes.

If you have insurance, the receptionist takes a copy of that, you pay the copay as directed by your insurance. If you do not have insurance, you pay $95 for an initial visit. If established patient, its $85. If following up, it would be less than that. If coming for a physical, and not to receive diagnosis of a health problem, then you pay for the cost of the physical.

A medical will call you back to a room. Patient gives further history to assistant, and have vitals taken. Then they wait in a room to see provider. There would be someone to translate for the patient and provider when anyone needs translation in Spanish.

Preliminary exam would be done, and then relevant tests are ordered. The provider would discuss the results of the test, diagnosis, and plan. The patient would receive instructions about taking any necessary prescriptions or over the counter medicines. Advice would be given if they need to follow up with any other specialist, and they would be told when to follow up.

Any extra balance above the cost of the basic medical office visit is collected immediately before the patient departs. This includes covering the cost of any tests that have been ordered, but not yet received. Following balance payment, any prescriptions are given to the patient.

If a patient requests a copy of their medical record, this is available providing that the medical provider approves and all balances are paid.